Here's the idea. Perhaps the apparent rejection of God in today’s world is actually the rejection of an understanding of God strictly for a world that no longer exists. That kind of rejection is to be celebrated as we welcome in what is to come. That is why this podcast exists. We are part of the larger movement that is welcoming a new era of spirituality, a new way of talking about God, and new communities that can embrace and celebrate this new era together. When we stop worrying about our religious tribes’ self-preservation, stop arguing over doctrines, and stop lamenting about the apparent disappearance of God in our secular age then we are able to listen. And when we listen we discover that everyone is talking about God. And everyone has something to teach us about God. And there is nothing to be afraid of.

Damon Garcia and Keihla Rivera are passionately curious about today's major shift of how everyone is talking about God. So we created a podcast to talk all about it every week! New episodes every Monday of lively spiritual discussions and thought-provoking interviews with some of today's leading voices on these subjects.

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This will only work if we can turn this idea into a community of more people who are passionately curious about God Talk. We are here to create resources for you wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Find out how you can support!




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